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2024 Orthodox Christian Perspectives Presentation Overview
February 26, 2024
2024 Orthodox Christian Perspectives was a successful presentation of our focus on missions in Texas Read more »

Saint Amphilochius Film Screening
February 11, 2024
The Fellowship of Saint Paisios invites you to a night of cinematic beauty. Come together with the pan-Orthodox Dallas community to celebrate the singular achievements of Orthodox directors Dr. Timothy Patitsas, Thomaida Hudanish, and Simon Scionka. This double feature begins with the North Texas premier of Amphilochios: Saint of God (Patitsas and Hudanish), a documentary detailing first-hand vignettes from the faithful who venerate this little-known, ever venerable man of God. Next, be immersed in the disquieting beauty of the Alaskan wilderness in Scionka's Sacred Alaska, winner of the 2023 Byzanfest Film Festival. The film illustrates the unique conversion experience of Native Alaskans by Russian monks and showcases the spiritual inheritance evident today in pious Aleut communities. Read more »

2024 Orthodox Christian Perspectives: Mission Parishes in North Texas
November 24, 2023
North Texas Orthodox Missions invites you to join us for presentations focused upon enriching our life in Christ while living in a secular world. Read more »

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